On a mission for nutrition! #Whole30 Not just for me

Well friends,  I am 9 months in to my greatest calling in life…being a mommy. I must say it’s wonderful and scary as hell and yields the greatest rewards on the daily. I get paid in all the sweet little smiles and snuggles my heart desires. I have realized that a good night sleep is all relative and poop is no longer a 4 letter word to me (in fact it makes me happy when I see it because I know my little one is not constipated today).

That being said, at 9 months we are well into exploring new foods and watching closely to see any adverse reactions that may occur. If you have read my past blogs regarding my struggle to find a formula I felt comfortable with, you know that nutrition for my baby is extremely important to me. So if my baby’s nutrition is important to me then naturally that would translate into my own food choices right? Well…..up until now, not so much. It’s quite easy to make excuses for this as I did not exactly grow up on the right side of the nutritional tracks. Whenever my Mom would ask what I wanted for my birthday my general response was that I wanted to eat at KFC and I was THAT kid at the baby sitter’s house that eventually had to start replenishing her supply of milk and butter because it was not uncommon for me to show up with my very own box of mac and cheese to make for lunch. (Yes I grew up before easy-mac became a thing.) This is not to say that my Mom was not concerned for my nutritional well being, but she learned most of what she knew about nutrition from my great grandmother who believed that butter and sugar where their own food groups and in a generation without internet and the wealth of information available about the effects of nutrition on long-term health.

It wasn’t until my daughter decided that baby food was not for her and that she was much more interested in what was on my plate that I realized that I better start improving the contents of that plate not only for her benefit, but for my own. Lets be honest, it takes a lot of energy to properly raise children and I owe it to my child, future children and grandchildren to take care of myself so that I can live to see them and be able to play with them and show them all that God has blessed us with.

Over the past month or so I have finally given in and started meal planning and searching for wholesome healthy meals each of which is required to have at least one thing I can feed to my daughter. In my search for a cook book I came across a book called “The Whole 30.” I flipped through the pages and noticed that it had some quick and easy recipes and what looked to be some interesting thoughts on how the foods people eat can effect their health in ways they may not even realize. A friend of mine has completed several rounds of whole 30 (which for those of you who have yet to hear of it, #whole30 is a 30 day challenge to eat delicious meals consisting of only whole unprocessed foods and then slowly introduce other food sources back into your diet after that 30 day period is up to see which of them may be causing adverse reactions in your body.) It’s one of the best ways I have seen to come up with a perfectly customized diet centered around the optimal health and functionality of your unique body. In this case the word diet is not what you would normally think of with the goal of shedding pounds and inches. Diet in this case is a total transformation of the way you think about food and how it effects your body, thoughts and the way you live your life in general. It really helps you to reevaluate the huge role food plays in your life.

As soon as I got the book home I started skimming through it and some of the principals outlined really made sense, but the thing that really stood out to me was that yes this challenge would be hard, but the rewards would be great and there was also a strong message that while it would be hard, I as a mother had faced and made it through much harder things than giving up wine and cheese for 30 days….oh you know….like child birth!

I am still in the process of making my way through the book and wrapping my head around this para-dime shift, but as with most things I do these days, I am trying to look at it through the eyes of my daughter in the future. I want her to grow up with healthy habits all around in and out of the kitchen and her future habits are heavily dependent on my current actions. That being said my healthy meal planning started last week and our whole 30 starts July 9th! Stay tuned for updates the meal planning adventures and the progression of the whole 30!


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