Finding Your Why

Well, I did it! I gave my first official public speech Saturday at a small conference attended by about ~45 like-minded people.

The topic? Finding your why in your Young Living business. However, this speech could really be adapted to any business and/or just finding your overall purpose in life and accomplishing any goals you may have.

So here it is! Please comment! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Yup, you guessed it! I’m an Aggie, which means I am officially part of two “cults” as my friends and family so lovingly like to remind me. This means I walk through life with two big stamps on my forehead, one says “Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2008” WHOOP! and the other Says “I’m silently assessing your oil needs because I am a Young Living diamond rising. I just hit executive. I would like to think that there is a third sign that reads, wife and mother to two beautiful children under 3, but I don’t think that sign is on my forehead….more often than not, it’s on my shirt…in the form of spit up and organic fruit juice….Like most women, and if we are honest, most people, my identities often come with a long list of insecurities. Insecurities that I used to let proceed me and ultimately define my choices.
Until very recently, I was a yes woman in every aspect of my life because I thought that if I said yes to every opportunity that came my way, eventually I would find my calling, and along the way I would make a lot of people happy….including myself. Well, in reality, all of my misguided yeses just got me tired, overwhelmed, overworked, and nowhere closer to my dreams. I was spinning my wheels and checking off a lot of boxes, but my big boxes, my God-given purpose boxes, were lost in a sea of endless tasks. They seemed unattainable. I kept telling myself that I would make time for them…someday. And then, I got a call from my father who was just about to turn 50. He had been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. That hit me like a ton of bricks, and that is when I realized that my someday was not guaranteed. None of us know the number of our days. So, our someday needs to be today!
God gave us a better way, he designed incredible intricate bodies that have the ability to self heal and communicate with us when we make choices that impede that ability. He gave us plants with properties that support that healing process in every way possible. Then God created Gary Young and gave him the tools and the vision to create a company that would one day become the world leader in essential oils. So, we must ask ourselves…what does Gary Young have that allows him to do something so much bigger than himself? He is human just like you and I and he has the same amount of hours in a day that we do. What gives him and any other successful person, the keys to unlock the seemingly impossible? It’s actually very simple, they know their purpose, the reason God created them…their WHY. They took the time to connect and ask the right questions to determine what it is that drives them to the point of accomplishment. To keep driving past the naysayers and their insecurities to fulfill their destiny. Everyone has a destiny it’s just a matter of whether they are making the right choices in their everyday lives to reach it. Our decisions determine our destination. It’s time to decide to reach our ultimate destination…leading fulfilled, unstressed lives and helping others to do the same.
Rah Rah! Yes!! This all sounds wonderful!!….in theory….but how do YOU connect? How in the world do YOU sift out your actual purpose from your to do list? How do you hear God through the noise of everyday demands? The answer, at least as I see it, is to find a few moments every day to be still. Be still and review your greater purpose. Each task you take on is a yes and each task you miss is a no. Are you saying yes to the things that matter? Or are you inadvertently saying no by filling your time with things that do not ultimately fulfill your purpose? Be careful of your yeses. I realize for some of you, most likely our strong blues, taking time to write out a schedule and prioritizing everything with check boxes may be a strong NO. For you yellows, you feel you HAVE to say yes or people will not like you, you MUST give! But trust me on this one, your destiny is worth the time it takes to plan in order to reach your wildest dreams and help others fulfill theirs. I know they make really fun colorful planners and there is definitely an app for that! And yellows, a stressed out and rushed yes is not making anyone like you, not even yourself.
Mark Twain said – The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
For me, the first day was June 12, 1983 (Yes friends, I just shared my age for those of you who are good at quick math.) and the second was December 1, 2016 the day I had decided would be the first day of the rest of my well planned out, purpose-driven life. That day, I had carved out time to sit down, write out my schedule, and point the proverbial mirror back at myself and start taking full responsibility for the decisions I was making daily, hourly even. I decided to start being intentional about every single decision I made. I set a plan in place for even the smallest of things in my life. I could now see that I had time to start checking those big boxes. I could start today!
I wrote down every obligation I could think of and weighed out whether it needed to be in the yes column because it was a box I needed to check to further my purpose, or whether I needed to unapologetically put it in the no column because it was just dream-steeling filler. I envisioned the ultimate impact and consequence that taking on or omitting each task would bring. The more I planned the more the stress started to melt away because I no longer had to wonder how in the world I would check all of the boxes. There they were, all checked! It was beautiful!
Now, I will not sit here and pretend that there will not be surprises or distractions that may threaten to derail this beautiful plan, but armed with my new plan, those distractions will not add up and turn into purpose-stealing material. I will improvise, and then move forward as planned. For a moment I felt amazing! I had figured out this thing called life. Seriously? All of this time, my purpose had been hiding in an unfilled planner?…and then I looked up from my planner and thought out loud, here I go again, checking boxes, but what is it all for? What is my purpose and how do I know for sure?
I started praying long and hard and reading my bible looking for that neon sign I just knew God would send. Well, there was no neon sign, but there were several people in my life who were starting to come to me curious about my oils. By this time, you could not walk into any room of my house without seeing at least one bottle of oil and/or a product bearing the Young Living name and every time anyone mentioned any issue from cleaning, to headaches, to their dog being scared of the rain, I would say “there is an oil for that!” It was just after one of these conversations that I realized….my whole life, all I have ever wanted to do was help people and make them feel better. Better than this world tells them they can feel. One of the number one stressors on most people is money. So much so that it is one of the leading causes of divorce. So for me, when I opened my Young Living premium starter kit, what I had really opened was a vehicle to drive my purpose, sharing life-altering oils and a life-giving business opportunity that can open SO many doors and help close some scary ones.
Okay so now you are on board, and you just added a cute planner to your Amazon cart or downloaded an app, but what in the world do you fill it with? How do YOU know for sure what YOUR purpose is?
It’s really very simple. In order to be successful in ANYTHING you JUST need THREE things:
– Your why or what motivates you
– To truly BELIEVE in what you are doing/where you are going
– A proven system by which to get results in a reasonable amount of time without exhausting your resources or your schedule
Stay with me and take this journey of three questions:
ONE… Close your eyes – think for a moment that you have just been given 6 months to live and you have unlimited money, no responsibilities and those 6 months can be spent any way you like….what would you do? What impacts would you make? What legacy would you want to leave?
TWO… Imagine one day there was a huge storm and it destroyed everything you own and all of the people in your life…you are left with nothing…then God speaks to you and tells you because you have been faithful and survived, you can have three people, things or attainable goals. What are the first three that come to mind? These are the only three things you will have for the rest of your life. What can you not live without?
THREE… Now take those goals from the first question and the three things from the second (your passions) and think of the opposite of them or think of someone destroying those things. Does it make you mad? Mad enough to fight? How long and hard would you fight to keep those things? Forever?
Congratulations!!…you just found your why!
Now that you have your why, write it down, review it daily! Put it on your fridge, tape it to your Ningxia bottle. Anywhere you will see it at least once per day! Use that planner. Intentionally prioritize your time by the hour and even by the minute.
Remember, the ONLY thing that keeps you from your dreams is the distractions you let creep in and steal your future, one small uncalculated yes at a time. Don’t say yes when you should say no. Say wise calculated yeses all day every day. Be a diamond rising.


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