Who is TX Mommy On A Mission?

I’m a first time Mama from Texas that is on a mission to share what I have learned thus far through personal experience and/or countless hours of research. There is so much info out there and it’s all so confusing and often there are so many contradictions. My hope is to turn this blog into a one stop shop to compile advice and answers to many of the questions every first time parent has. I am not a medical professional and am not affiliated with any product, therefore the opinions and advice posted here are just that, opinions and advice based on anecdotal evidence gathered as I go through the journey of parenthood.

I also hope to create a judgement free zone where comments can be shared, but everyone can assume that each parent has their child’s best interest at heart. If you intend to create drama over a hot-button topic, kindly find your way to another venue.

Thank you and happy reading!

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